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What People Say About Our Services

"Behavior Solutions has been much more helpful than other services because they are hands on when and where you need the help." 

"My son is much happier since Behavior Solutions has been working with us, and I no longer have a lump in the pit of my stomach from not knowing how to help him" 

"I would liken the services to having a "personal trainer" for our kids' behavior."

"I love the step by step instructions and guidance that I have been given." 

"Dr. Peeler knows how to present solutions in a way that you and your child can understand, practice them until you get them, and motivate children to use them." 

"I love that someone watches me implement the techniques and gives me feedback on the spot to ensure I am doing it correctly."

"I have been impressed with how much Behavior Solutions staff knows about behavior analysis and their ability to endear themselves to our children while remaining completely professional."


"Our son used to have a lot of trouble with his social skills. He didn't know how to initiate play with others and would often do so by pushing or running into them. The tools Behavior Solutions taught us improved our son's relationship with his brother, our home life is less stressful, and his school has commented on how much better he is doing there as well. "
-Marissa Scott, Mother

"My nine-year-old boy has social and behavior issues stemming from his strong personality and lack of impulse control.  The other kids ostracized him and blamed him even when his acts of aggression were unintentional, which increased his frustration made him even more aggressive.  I contacted Behavior Solutions on the recommendation of the school psychologist, and we are both (the psychologist and I) extremely pleased with the progress my son has made.  Dr. Peeler worked with my son, his teachers and with me to develop techniques for my son to recognize when he is overly excited, calm himself down, and to initiate and maintain successful social interactions.  I had tried to coach my son myself for years when I observed or heard about conflict in his social interactions, but now we are seeing a real difference.  With each successful interaction he gains confidence, which breeds more positive interaction."
- Anonymous, Mother

"The workshop Behavior Solutions presented at our school gave a clear and concise description of strategies that I can apply daily in my therapy sessions with students. "
-Katie Bedwell, Speech-Language Pathologist, MS

"Behavior Solutions has given my daughter a chance for a better quality of life by helping to teach her the skills to normal childhood behavior and life skills in general. As her parent, it was important that they also include me in everything in order to teach me how to work with her on a daily basis."
-Sarah Underwood, Mother

"Behavior Solutions is an involved agency. They took the time to listen to not only the problems exhibited, but also to suggestions on how to correct them. They always take the time to explain things to our clients even if it is only to give reminders. The staffs with Behavioral Solutions are friendly, and their knowledge creates better solutions and better behaviors."
-Cheryl Evans, Group Home Manager

"My son had been in traditional therapy for a year, and sitting in someone's office talking about the problems was not working. The key to Behavior Solutions' services is the fact that they come into the child's environment (both at home and at school) to observe behavior, involve every caregiver in the child's life, get everyone on the same page, and then monitor progress and make changes as they are needed. That is priceless!"
-Anonymous, Mother

"This company has been nothing but professional yet they have a genuine care and concern for their clients. The knowledge they bring is vast and you sense that they take pride in seeing the clients accomplish goals and they work very hard to see that happen."
-Sarah Underwood, Mother

"Behavior Solutions has been a huge help to us in refining our ABA program for children with autism and providing us with strategies to use during difficult moments."
-Jamie, Special Education Teacher


"Because of the services provided by Behavior Solutions, within the first month of using the behavior plans negative behaviors were decreased immensely, which allowed our clients to be happy and enjoy activities more."
-Cheryl Evans, Group Home Manager

"I have been able to see my daughter learn how to do things that are typical learning skills for most children, but that she would never do before because I didn't have the skills or knowledge to know how to accomplish those goals with her. I am now able to take her out in public for short trips myself because she is learning to adapt to social situations slowly."
-Sarah Underwood, Mother

Our Team

"Behavior Solutions has worked with me, my staff and clients to help identify, control and change negative behaviors. They worked closely with the group home staff to ensure they understood the behavior plans and how to correctly use them both in the group home and the community."
-Cheryl Evans, Group Home Manager

"We are still working on getting down the long road but the accomplishments that she has made since last summer are astounding and have opened windows for her to learn more with what Behavior Solutions has brought us."
-Sarah Underwood, Mother
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