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Research Opportunities

Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorders: Join a Study

Dr. John Constantino’s Early Reciprocal Social Behavior (ERSB) study

For more information watch a live, in-studio interview with Dr. Constantino about his Early Quantitative Characterization of Reciprocal Social Behavior study

Easter Seals Brain Fitness Study

Early Diagnosis of Autism Links

First Signs
Includes Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers and Scoring Procedures

Child Development Norms

Autism Links

Autism Speaks

Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment

National Institute of Neurological Disorders
Fact sheet on autism

National Institute of Mental Health

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)
The NYSDOH conducted an extensive review of the literature on interventions for children with autism. Read the clinical guidelines and recommendations here.

Applied Behavior Analysis and Treatment Links

Explanation and History of VB-MAPP

Web page of a parent with a child with autism
Lots of useful information, resources, and links to ABA providers by state.

Association for Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analyst Certification Board

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Web page of Behavior Consultant
Lots of good information and resources.

Missouri Association for Behavior Analysis

CDC information on MMR vaccine and autism

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Other Services


Speech Language and Learning Systems 

Occupational Therapy

Leaps and Bounds (OT, PT and SLP)

Data Sheets and Other Forms and templates

Visual Support and Other Resources (materials exchange for Boardmaker pages made by others) (for chore charts)

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