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Behavior Solutions is a team of professionals dedicated to helping people improve their lives through excellent consultation and services. Whether that's at home, school, work, or a community setting our team of Licensed Behavior Analysts and highly trained Behavior Assistants can help! Experts in Early Intervention for Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Behavior Management, parent and staff training, school consultation and program development.

We start by completing an assessment to determine the nature of existing issues and the treatment approach most likely to work. Then we explain the strategies, show you through hands on demonstration with the client how to apply them and then we provide coaching as you put them into practice. Our clients tell us being able to see how the experts would handle the situation is invaluable in learning new methods of managing behavior and teaching new skills. Hearing what to do and seeing what to do are two entirely different things and our methods produce superior results. 

Behavior Solutions seeks to empower individuals, families, and caregivers by providing them with the knowledge and training necessary to solve existing behavior problems, identify solutions to future problems, and live a happy life. Our focus is on providing the best consulting services possible, helping clients maximize their gains and improve their lives in whatever way they define. . 

New!!! Now offering Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention at our clinic!

Now enrolling children ages 2-5 years old with autism. Clinic based services are designed to provide the absolute best in early intervention ABA services for pre-school children with autism and give them the best chance possible of moving to a school setting successfully. Our year round clinic offers 1:1 instruction by Behavior Assistants with advanced training in ABA, assessments, plans and supervision and training of staff is provided by Licensed Behavior Analysts and Dr. Peeler who has been developing and overseeing autism programs for over 15 years. EIBI Flyer 3/5 kids in the last class were mainstreamed in 1 year or less. The other 2 were accessing regular education after 1 year's time and continued making gains with some additional services. Our program helps the majority of kids with autism learn at or twice as fast as the normal developmental rate. 

Call now as space is limited. 636-265-0407

Behavior Assistant Services (implementation; 1:1 teaching) for additional training and support between consultations by the Behavior Analyst.

Behavior Solutions screens, hires, trains, and supervises our own Behavior Assistants. Our assistants go through extensive training and ongoing supervision from Licensed Behavior Analysts and most are seeking licensure themselves. As a result the clients we serve get direct services from highly trained professionals. Clients receiving Behavior Assistant services have consistently rated them as exceptional.

Improving People's Lives through Education, Training and Support.

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"Behavior Solutions has given my daughter a chance for a better quality of life by helping to teach her the skills to normal childhood behavior and life skills in general. As her parent, it was important that they also include me in everything in order to teach me how to work with her on a daily basis." -Sarah Underwood, Mother
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